The Madison Floyd Foundation | Brand Identity


The Madison Floyd Foundation exists to empower charities and community service organizations, locally and internationally, to help those in darkness find the light; to help those in need find health and hope.


The logo references the Foundation’s mission statement to marry  three  familiar motifs: the tree for stability and community, the road for the journey, and the center flame representing the light and hope.


RiseAero | Web Design


A fresh and functional website to match their new branding. Located at Hartsville's Regional Airport, RiseAero offers a variety of services to pilots including FBO, maintenance, and flight training.


Brookshire | Brand Identity


A sophisticated emblem for a residential community inspired

by the definition of the Brookshire

name. Simple and reduced while

maintaining intentional detail.


a name of ancient Anglo-Saxon

origin and comes from the family

once having lived by a small

grove of trees near a stream.


Brookshire | Web Design


A preview website to inform and engage their audience before opening up this residential community to the public. 


Alvearis | Brand Identity


A hexagonal logo inspired by the Latin definition of Alvearis: “beehive”. The mark conveys the home, the hive, and a reinvention of modular construction.


The wordmark mimics the rounded angles within the logo icon, making it a structured, yet approachable design.

Dynamic Development

Brand Identity


A dynamic emblem for a sensory gym that is fun and playful, while maintaining professionalism.


DYNAMIC: characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.


CYNTHIA | Ad Design


Content creation and advertising design for CYNTHIA - Apparel & Shoes.


These campaigns included concepting, photography, editing, and ad design, and were translated across both print and digital media.


Fit into Fitness | Branding Web Design | Social Media


Fit into Fitness provides personal and sports training sessions aimed to align physical fitness with a healthy mindset.

We developed the brand, website, and social content to keep their audience regularly engaged and informed.