An astrophysicist walks into an art studio...

Born in a one bedroom apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, Modern Village is a moonshot at a dream job.


With a Bachelors in Painting & Design (Haley), and a Masters in Astrophysics (Luke), the two of us are an unlikely pair of business partners. Also, we're married.


We weren't sure when or where it would take off, but here we are – in a new decade full of hopes and uncertainties... starting a new kind of design agency.


In spite of our age and lack of tenure, we believe that Modern Village will provide something valuable and revolutionary for both designers and clients.


They say it takes a Village...

We may not have 30 years under our belts, but we're a Collective of fresh, forward-thinking Creatives that strive to innovate and impress.

Plus, we're pretty skilled at making stuff look good.